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Email and CRM
added on 1/20/2012 12:00:00 AM
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Francis, Matthew

The progress of Internet development in the 21st century can be summed up to a handful of concepts:  Web 2.0, social networking, cloud computing, and mobile integration.  The ideal tool for doing business these days must include smart and efficient integration of the previously mentioned concepts, plus another essential component that often goes ignored:  email.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are widely considered to be the first business software applications to truly embrace the cloud computing paradigm.  CRM systems replaced the old databases and contact management systems of yesteryear by enabling a series of functions to empower sales staff, customer service personnel, marketing departments, quality assurance managers, and other key members of an enterprise.  While most CRM applications feature proprietary messaging systems, email is still the most widely used tool for business communication; yet most CRM systems seem to miss the mark when it comes to email integration.  Since email is not likely to exit the business world anytime soon, Knovial has come up with a solution that stops the desegregation of email from CRM enterprise applications.  

Knovial understands that in order to truly leverage the power of cloud computing for the enterprise, all business processes –including email- must be integrated into a single database and given adequate mobile access.  Many CRM users must switch between different online tools to achieve their goals, meaning that they end up switching from email applications to online file sharing and storage programs, and from e-commerce platforms back to a principal CRM system.  To solve this issue, Knovial’s upcoming email/CRM client will offer the following functionality:

- Managing information from prospects and existing customers, as well as email from all business contacts, from one central screen.
- Calling up CRM data from within an email, rather than switching to a different screen.
- Making use of a single cloud database where files, information and email messages can be stored and accessed from a variety of Internet-connected devices.  
- Perform e-commerce tasks, such as processing payments, right from the email screen.

The smart integration of email into CRM systems allows business users to get more done by not having to switch between applications.  Searching for elusive attachments and copying information for further entry into databases are counterproductive functions.  With Knovial’s email/CRM client, users not only save time; they are also able to put their multitasking skills to better use.  

Knovial’s innovative email/CRM client is freely available for one month with any other cloud platform packages.  


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