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8 New Social Media Marketing Strategies to Boost Lead Generation


8 New Social Media Marketing Strategies to Boost Lead Generation

March 4, 2024

Social networking is more than just chatting with friends. It is an excellent way to contact potential customers who have never heard of your company before. With nearly 5 billion individuals utilizing social media platforms throughout the world, it has become an excellent medium for marketing practically any type of business.

Using leading social media platforms to collect qualified leads is known as social media lead generation. The biggest perk of this method is that its efforts and results are both easily measurable. With time, platforms evolve, and user behavior changes. To remain competitive, companies have to adopt new social media marketing methods. Today, Knovial will present seven unique social media marketing methods to increase leads and improve your overall marketing efforts.

New Social Media Marketing Strategies to Bring in More Leads

There are various strategies available on the internet. In order to pick the best ones, you should analyze your current business requirements and goals. Let’s check out some strategies that can help nearly all types of businesses:


Video-First Approach

Video has become the king of social media platforms. Leading platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. favor video content in their algorithms as it leads to higher visibility. In order to leverage this trend, you should adopt a video-first approach. Hire a digital marketing company like Knovial that can help you create engaging and informative videos that elegantly showcase your services and products, company culture, and even unique selling points that set you apart from the rest of the industry. Apart from this, live videos and stories can also foster a more authentic connection with your audience.


Interactive Content

Incorporate interactive material into your social media marketing strategy to amplify audience engagement. Use tools like polls, quizzes, and interactive stories to actively involve your audience in two-way communication. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook provide features such as polls and interactive stickers that enable active engagement. This not only increases participation but also provides valuable insights into the preferences and opinions of your audience.


User-Generated Content

You can encourage your audience to become your brand advocates. Inspire your customers to share their experiences with your services or products via photos, reviews, or testimonials. In this way, you not only build trust but also authentic content that can resonate with your potential customers. You can feature UCG on your social media channels to showcase your happy customers and foster a positive image of your brand.


Chatbots for Instant Engagement

Many famous companies around the world use real-time chatbots in their social media channels to offer immediate interaction and assistance. AI-powered chatbots can quickly respond to basic questions, guide customers through your services or products, and even collect valuable information for lead creation. Platforms such as Facebook Messenger enable businesses to seamlessly incorporate chatbots and give personalized responses to client requests. As a result, it has the potential to boost lead conversion rates.


LinkedIn Lead Generation Forms

For business-to-business marketers, LinkedIn is a powerhouse for lead generation. You can utilize LinkedIn’s lead generation forms to streamline the lead generation process. These pre-filled forms can extract data directly from the users’ profiles, reduce friction, and increase the likelihood of conversion. You can combine this with targeted advertising to reach specific regions and ensure that your message reaches the right audience.


Social Commerce Integration

E-commerce and social media are becoming more intertwined. Platforms such as Instagram and Facebook now provide smooth shopping experiences by incorporating e-commerce functions directly into their platforms. Use these functions to display your products on your social media pages. This lets users look at items, get information, and buy them without having to go away from the application. It makes the buying process easier for customers and takes advantage of their spontaneous shopping habits.


Invest in Social Listening

Leading social media marketing organizations use modern tools and analytics to monitor and analyze online conversations, mentions, and opinions about their brand or sector in real time across several social media platforms. Companies that invest in social listening can gain significant insights into customer sentiments, industry trends, and even competition strategy, helping them remain ahead of the curve and properly understand their target audience.


Add a Human Touch

The more relevant as well as personalized a brand is, the more appealing it is to potential customers. It’s easier to trust a brand knowing that there is a human behind every ad or message. Social media is an amazing platform where businesses can be more relevant and likable. Focus on trends so that your target audience can participate in or engage with them directly through posts and threads.


It is essential to embrace new technologies and strategies to stay ahead of the curve for modern businesses. Implementing these innovative social media marketing strategies can help you generate more leads and take your brand to the next level. If implementing these strategies seems complicated or you don’t have enough time to take care of all these aspects, hire Knovial for the best social media marketing experience. Equipped with the latest technologies and qualified social media marketers, Knovial can prepare unique strategies and boost your lead generation game.

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