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Website Design and Development

We specialize in website design and development, helping businesses of all sizes establish a strong
and effective digital footprint. Our team of skilled professionals works closely with our clients to craft
custom websites that align with their goals and vision. From beautiful designs to seamless
functionality, we deliver websites that make a lasting impression.


for Higher Conversions

Welcome to our website design and development services! At Knovial, we are dedicated to providing our clients with stunning and effective websites that help them achieve their business goals. Our team of designers and developers build websites that are robust, secure, visually appealing, user-friendly, and optimized for search engines.

Keep in mind that your website is a crucial component of your business. It should convey the aesthetics of your brand and compel your target market to trust your business. With our bespoke web design services, we make sure the site represents your business accurately. Our developers help provide visitors to your website with an immersive experience.

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Our Bespoke
Web Development Services

As one of the premier web development companies in the US, we build SEO-optimized and responsive websites. We offer a range of services to develop and maintain a successful web presence for your company. From the ones listed below, you can choose the web development service that best suit your requirements. Contact us to get an accurate cost estimate.

Website Design

As an online business, your goal is to turn casual visitors to your website into loyal patrons. As a reputable web design company in the U.S., we help you create an online store using top platforms and frameworks depending on your needs. These may include BigCommerce, Shopify, WordPress, Magento, OpenCart, and others.

Development of
Web Applications

User engagement can be enhanced with an interactive web application. Our user-centric web applications have several top-rated features, which are simple to use. With a clear understanding of your business objectives, we design and develop your web application while ensuring it provides brilliant user experience. Our web applications have a robust framework, a highly navigable UI/UX, and a normalized database to offer the best performance.

Small Business

Making a website may appear to be a costly investment when you’re just starting a business. However, in today’s digital era, a website is an essential component of your business to reach out to your target audience, generate brand awareness, and improve sales. You must create a strong digital footprint to overcome the intense market competition. To craft a strategic strategy towards creating an appealing website, we conduct in-depth research on your business specialty, and identify difficulties and opportunities. We may design a single-page application (SPA) or a multi-page website, depending on your needs.


Design for Corporates

A corporate website needs to have aesthetics, top-rated features, high-end functionalities, a seamless User Interface, and easy usability. We offer a high-end service with a rapid turnaround time, thanks to our technical expertise, vast experience, regular customer communication, and attention to detail.

As a premier website design company, we offer top-notch service at competitive rates to support the online success of your organization. Our expert web developers are skilled at creating and enhancing your online identity, be it in the form of an educational website for a small business to a robust eCommerce store to high-end custom web application development. Use our top-notch web development services to accelerate lead conversions for your company.

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A Streamlined Web Design &
Development Process

At Knovial, we provide customized end results because each job is different. Yet being one of the best web design companies in the U.S., we
aim at increasing the rate of success. Our results-driven working approach has received validation in several projects.


At the outset, we conduct market research, find out the target audience, and do competitive analysis. These activities help us depict brand philosophy using every element of the website.


We begin with preparing a user flow map to choose the optimal navigability of the site. Thereafter, we do wireframing and prototyping to create the overall structure, functionality, and content.


Our designers follow the latest trends and use the best visual effects, typography, colors, and animations suiting the brand identity. These help determine the interaction users will have with the site.


We introduce functionalities and front and backend solutions using top-of-the-line technologies, such as React, Angular, PHP MySQL, Node.js, MongoDB, and others.


Before making the site live, our expert QA testers, check and review the codes, features, and other elements of the website to ensure a superior user experience.


We provide a comprehensive maintenance service, including provisions for adding custom features, updating any functionalities, monitoring server load, making security audits, and taking code backups.

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